Beach cruisers

beach cruisersProbably, beach cruisers are the most stylish and bright of city bicycles.
Of the features – a unique design, comfortable seating, wide wheels for comfortable riding and rest in the city, at the cottage, on the beach.
Wherever you go – a good mood for you and others will be provided! 🙂
Beach bicycles are designed for walking along the beaches, parks, leisurely driving around the city.
Such bicycles have a vertical landing and a very sharp angle of the rudder. The diameter of the wheel varies from 20 to 28 inches. Ride a beach bike is very comfortable. In general, not too inflated tires are used for beach bikes shock absorbers.
Beach bicycles are not suitable for racing, they can not be accelerated to high speed. Cruisers are also not suitable for aggressive driving.
You can find best beach cruisers here.
Because it important for you. isn’t it? a good mood, fresh air and a smile of your darling!