Steps to create loose hair curls with the help of curling wands

You might think of having the best curls as the models in the television shows or any fashion show. It is not impossible anymore. You can even have the best curls while sitting at your home. Curls also have different types. Some of these are loose curls while some of these are the tight curls. You can choose any kind that you like the most. Here we will highlight the steps to create some loose hair curls easily at home:

Step number 1:

First of all, if you want to curl your hair properly, then you should wash your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner. After washing the hair, don’t dry it completely. Dehydrate about 80% of water and then start the curling process.

Step number 2:

Secondly, you have to make some sections of your hair. If you make sections, it will be easier to cover the whole head. On the other hand, you will mess up everything. After making sections, you can make buns of your hair at the top and start from one edge. Learn about best curling wand you can on this webpage

Step number 3:

Creating layers is the second step of curling process. You have to unpin the hairs one by one. Now use the curling device and wrap the layer of your hair with the metal part. To avoid the tight curls, don’t wrap the hair too close. Another important point that you have to focus is that you should not take the curling rod too close to the skin. It will be hot and can damage your skin as well as your hair.

Step number 4:

Hold the curling rod with your hair in a still position for at least 20 seconds. The time duration depends on the temperature of the curling rod. If the rod is too hot, then use it for the minimum time and vice versa. Once you are done with the first layer, then it is the time for you to spray the entire layer. It will give an attractive and elegant look to your hair. It will also keep the curled hair separate from the un-curled hair.

Step number 5:

After curling your entire head part, you should not use any brush. Use your fingers to settle your hair properly. You can pin up your hair from sides to have an attractive look or make a new hair style. It depends upon your choice.
Following are some tips to curl your hair properly:
Never comb your curled hair with the brush or comb, always use finger comb to give it a good look and texture.
Wash your hair properly before curling your hair.
If you want to keep your curls in good condition for a few days, then try to sleep in stain position.
Using a good quality hair spray will preserve your curls for a few days.
You can also use gel before curling your hair. It will also add shine to your hair style and make it healthy.